Should I or Shouldn’t I? Boots with Shorts.

I don’t know about this look??? I saw a young woman on the train with shorts and a pretty yellow pair of crochet Uggs. She looked fine. However,  I just find it hard to believe that on on a HOT scorching day when temperatures are in the ninety’s that your feet aren’t screaming inside that boot! Honestly I only think this “look”  works with cowboy boots and you have to be in Texas. Than it’s a “look” but only in Texas! You know when in Rome….. I That’s just my fashion opinion.


I’ve only seen one woman that was able to get away with this “look”. Jessica Simpson, in her “Boots Are Made For Walking” video. You have to admit she looked pretty good 🙂 That’s just my opinion. I get winterizing your white jeans, even though you can wear winter white corduroys. But winterizing shorts? Apparently you can. If  we wear the same clothing throughout the seasons, what do have to look forward too when the seasons change?  So with all that being said, “I Shouldn’t”, you do what you want.,,


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