Wear On Special Occasions….

For most woman shopping is just second nature, and we will shop til we drop. This isn’t true of all woman – but lots.  Anyway, we love beautiful clothing.

What I always find puzzling is why we buy all these nice, sometimes very expensive,  pieces and then place them in our closet!   Or we neatly place them in our drawers  to wear for a “Special Occasion.”   I’m not really sure what Special Occasion  means personally?

Ladies, if you have these outfits whether they are handbags, dresses, that antique bracelet or a Chanel handbag your grandmother gave you – use them. She wants you to enjoy them just as she did, not tuck them away in the drawer.  WEAR THEM!

Make your own “special occasion”  – make yourself feel and look good everyday -no matter what. And sometimes all it takes is that little something that you’ve been saving to wear for a “Special Occasion.” Going to the gym, grab your cute handbag on the way out the door rather than the fanny pack (are those still around)?  Wearing your favorite pair of old jeans and old shirt? Put on that antique bracelet! You’ll look FABULOUS and you’ll feel special!

Why should your closet get all the enjoyment?  🙂

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