VMA’S What The Hell Was Going On In Brooklyn Last Night?!!!

Watched the VMA’s last night.  Big mistake,   HUGE! And I blame Time Warner Cable and CBS for that!

I can’t remember the last time I actually sat and watched the VMA’s from beginning to the end (of Miley Cyrus!)  OMG! I wanted to see Lady Gaga – she looks good. As for her performance….I got nothing. Only that she’s out of practice. I hear that if you say anything bad about her, her fans or Little Monsters get very upset and send you death threats. Well we’re all safe because The Little Monsters probably turned on HER after last night performance. As Little Monsters are want to do.

Then I told myself I was watching for to see the fashions. Saw none to speak of. 😦  

Then I saw the performance and I use that term lightly.  Hannah Montanna sucked me into the vortex. At first I didn’t understand the big furry thing on the back of the dancers? Than it hit me those were Teddy Bears! What did a teddybear ever to do Miley Cyrus! And Twerking? Isn’t that the same dance move that started the royal romance between Beyonce and JayZ? I THINK SOOOO!

It just got worst from there, poor Robin Thicke.  Old enough to be Miley’s father,  ambushed like a old guy who stayed too late in a bar on a business trip.  Until last night, I thought, as I’m sure a lot of woman have thought, of Robin Thicke as cute and kind of sexy.

Unfortunately for Robin Thicke he’ll now be remembered as the old cute guy in a TIGHT suit that was upstaged by the spawn of the Achy Breaky Heart. 😦 


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