The Deconstructed Jacket

Tailoring meets comfort this spring/summer for menswear. Guys, it’s time to put away that cashmere go-to sport  jacket for the winter. You wardrobe is looking for a sport jacket that’s FRESH, NEW and FITS you well. The “DECONSTRUCTED” Jacket, is the perfect light weight sport jacket. The term “Deconstructed” refers to the type of construction used to make this jacket style.


Why is this a MUST-HAVE style ESSENTIAL in your wardrobe? Glad you asked. Key Deconstructed Features:

1. No Shoulder Padding,

2. No Canvas chess piece,

3. Narrow Notch Lapel

4. Two Button Stance

What makes it SPECIAL? Thought you would never ask! PREMIUM TAILORING MEETS ULTIMATE COMFORT! If you’ve ever traveled with a sport coat, you know the struggle of folding and packing a fully constructed jacket. The lightweight construction gives this jacket style a EASY GOING feel and a great CASUAL jacket option. As the workplace dress codes become more relaxed, guys will be looking for hybrid essentials that work well for the office and casual weekends. The Deconstructed has the tailoring of a sport coat with the COMFORT of a sweater! Don’t wait for spring and summer to get your wardrobe ready, the time is now!


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